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COVID Updates from Multnomah County Health Department          July 10, 2020

Questions and Answers
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Q1: Why is Multnomah County still in Phase I of re-opening? When will the County apply for Phase II?
A1: On July 8, Multnomah County Chair Kafoury released a statement explaining why we are remaining in Phase 1 for now. Click here for the full text: Multnomah County supports continuing pause on reopening

Q2: We are following the guidance and meeting in small groups of under 25 people. How can we lower our risk during these gatherings?
A2: During COVID-19, no gathering of people is without risk, but gatherings can be made safer by meeting with fewer people, seeing the same people, and staying outdoors. Also continue to keep 6 ft of distance when you can, wear face coverings, and wash hands often. Get Togethers and Gatherings

Q3: What questions do contact tracers ask when they call?
A3: The Oregon COVID-19 Contact Collaborative provided this flyer to explain more about contact tracing. What will I be asked on a contact tracing call?
Please keep sending your questions to fbcocovid19@multco.us.
Multnomah County Updates
State of Oregon Updates
  • Face coverings: Help protect the health and safety of Oregonians by raising awareness about the importance of wearing face coverings. Oregon Health Authority fact sheet: Face covering facts
  • FAQs about face coverings: The Oregon Bureau of Labor and Industries and Oregon Department of Justice responds to community questions about the use of face coverings.
  • OHA released its COVID-19 Weekly Report, covering Monday, June 29 - Sunday, July 5. The report remarks on the recent surge in COVID-19 cases, and notes “OHA recorded 1,910 new cases of COVID-19 infection, a 51% increase from the previous week.
  • Safely removing face coverings: To minimize risk of infection, wash hands before and after touching your mask, and wash cloth masks daily. Masks should never be worn when wet or damp. After laundering, make sure your face covering is completely dry before wearing. The graphic below includes some reminders about how to safely remove your face covering:

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