Loving God through Faith, Character, Wisdom, and Service
Loving God through Faith, Character, Wisdom, and Service

Recent Sermon downloads

Sermon November 17, 2019
Pastor Nathan Kochendorfer
Sermon title: "Rebels and Wrath"
2 Chronicles 36
MP3 audio file [39.9 MB]
Sermon - November 10, 2019
Sermon title: "Why, Lord?"
MP3 audio file [43.8 MB]
Sermon - October 13, 2019 - Guest Speaker Merrit Hearing
Sermon title "They did. Let's make sure we don't."
2 Kings 17:9-16
MP3 audio file [40.5 MB]
Sermon 2-17-2019
Message given on February 17th, 2019 by guest speaker Maria Hearing titled, "Buffy and Stargate: How Are We Transformed?"
MP3 audio file [38.9 MB]

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